Bouncing Back

Things look like they're getting back on track. Like I thought, the pepper cress (above) has to be dug up. I planted it far too densely, the stalks are tangled around each other, and it's a big mess. Lesson learned there. The good news is the rest of the garden is coming in strong!

The chives are a couple inches tall already, and the scallions are right behind them.

As for the lettuces, they're coated in a film of pollen, but still growing steadily. The European mix (left) seems a little small for this stage, but I will re-seed just in case.

The broccoli is starting to put forth its true leaves, which is exciting.

Red celery has actually started to sprout strongly, which is fantastic news. It is reportedly very hard to germinate, and I count at least 8 sprouts coming up.

Coriander is popping up nicely, I'll have lots of it.

Dill is getting going, but I can tell its germination rate is fairly low.


The parsley, which was the hardest and slowest to germinate, is coming in very strong. I'm glad I planted so much of this, it's going to get used big time. I'm thinking once this batch reaches true leaves I'm going to put down another crop, and continue this until the heat prevents it from growing. I planted the parsley on the 2nd — it's taken almost a month to sprout!

Sherród FaulksComment