Day 3 — Savannah

12:00P. We decided to sleep in today! Especially after that martini tour last night. 😉We're starting the day with the First Squares Food Tour. Our first stop is Rocks on the River in the Bohemian Hotel for She-crab Bisque. It was very creamy and rich, though not the best way to start a tour full of food.

12:41P. Second stop: Tondee's Taven for a Southern classic, Shrimp and Grits. The bacon sprinkled on top was a great addition, and the white wine reduction was a nice bright foil to the bacon and shrimp. We finished with a bite of cheesecake. Apparently, the have the largest variety of cheesecake flavors in the city.

1:44P. Today we both tried alligator for the first time!  We had alligator sliders with a spicy slaw at B&D Burgers. B&D does something unusual and grids the alligator to make a patty like a crab cake. Call it a Gator cake?

2:53P. Our last stop is the amazing Savannah Bee Company. They produce and bottle several types of honey, including the ultra rare Tupelo Honey, They are famous for the purity of their raw monofloral (single flower) honeys. We tasted their entire line of honeys and you could really taste the differences of each. And we were ready to spread the whipped honey on everything. We also got to taste honey straight off the comb...which left us with wax in our teeth two hours later. Between the two of us, we spent almost $200 in goods at this store. This is a must visit for foodies!

1:15P. Next up, Shepherd's Pie from Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub. It was so good that we didn't even mind having this comfort food in the heat of summer. This is one of the few classic Scottish pubs left in Savannah, which has a large historical Scottish population.

2:07P. Time for dessert: Mabel's Cupcake Emporium for a classic birthday cake cupcake.  The cupcake uses a family recipe that been passed down the generations and it definitely is great for those with a sweet tooth. We found it a bit too sweet for our tastes, but they had a wide variety of cupcakes and confections to choose from.

2:20P. The next stop is a specialty store, The Salt Table. They craft an enormous variety of flavored salts, flavored sugars, and spice blends. We tasted their all-purpose salt and ghost pepper salt (it was wickedly hot), then rubbed an apple on a slab of Himalayan pink salt. We both spent a small fortune in this store, there were so many great products to discover and try!

6:00P. After the tour, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit, then it was time to get back out and explore Savannah.

6:48P. We found our way to Leopold's Ice Cream.  This parlor has been open since 1919 and the line was out the door!  But the wait was well worth it, especially on this hot day.

9:00P. Time for the final, and fanciest dinner of Eat & Run: 700 Drayton. Located in a converted mansion, it's an eclectic modern restaurant that serves southern comfort food. I guess our reservation is late for a Sunday — we have the whole place to ourselves! We ordered a ton of food:


9:53P. The realization that we have ordered entirely too much food is setting in as we uncomfortable shift in our chairs...we are too full! We're taking it all to go for a delicious midnight snack. Once we get back to the hotel, we take a quick selfie, peel ourselves out of our clothes, snack on our enormous leftovers while watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, then go to bed.

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