Episode 7 — Poulet en Cachette

This is by far the most dramatic chicken dish you could possible make. The secret is that it's actually really easy. Building the shell of salt around the chicken is both fun and practical; it seals in the bird, helping it to cook quickly and evenly. Served with dips and spreads, you can turn a dinner party into an event.

Recipe: Poulet en Cachette

Episode 6 — Turkey 101: Roasting

Episode 6 is all about your dependable, traditional, holiday turkey. There's a lot of room for variation, but don't expect something revolutionary here. What this recipe lacks in imagination, it makes up for in consistency and flavor. This year, you're going to master the holiday turkey once and for all.

Recipe: Turkey 101

Episode 5 — Biscuits

Biscuits are a pillar of Southern cooking, and in episode 5 we're showing you how easy it is to make them. They're used for breakfast, for sopping, for sandwiching, and for snacking. This basic recipe is simple, foolproof, and fast, which means there's no excuse to have biscuits on the table at any meal.

Recipe: Biscuits

Episode 4 — Lay's Do Us a Flavor Tasting

We're tasting all four of the Lay's Do Us a Flavor Potato Chips and telling you what we think. Find out which ones we liked, which we could just stomach, and which were not happening.

Episode 3.5 — Hazelnut Spikes

Pulled sugar hazelnut spikes are a simple way to add drama to your desserts. The spikes add wonderful height to layer cakes and tortes for food that is as stunning as it is delicious. In episode 3.5, we take you through heating and melting the sugar, piercing the hazelnuts, and the dip and drip process to create the spikes.

Recipe: Hazelnut Spikes

Episode 3 — Slice & Sacher Torte

In our third episode, we take a look at the chocolate side of things with our Slice & Sacher Torte. This video walks you through making the batter, slicing then filling, and making then pouring a smooth, shiny ganache. This delicious dessert holds a special place in Slice & Torte history, as it was the first real collaboration between Sherród and myself. Decorated with pulled sugar hazelnut spikes, this torte is sure to please all your senses!

Recipe: Slice & Sacher Torte

Episode 2 – Pan-roasted Chicken with Rich Mushroom Sauce

Let's kick off the savory episodes with a stunning chicken dish that comes together in under a half hour. Pan-searing is an essential technique that's easy to do and yields a deeply browned crust like you would get in a restaurant. Using the browned bits from the bottom of the pan to make a sauce is a classic French technique, but we modernize it with meaty shiitake mushrooms that not only add deep flavor but help to thicken the sauce. Keep these techniques in your back pocket and you can create a cover-worthy dish at a moment's notice.

Recipe: Pan-roasted Chicken with Rich Mushroom Sauce

Episode 1 – Winter Cranberry Cake

In this first episode, we dive into the sweet side of Slice & Torte with our Winter Cranberry Cake.  This video takes you through all the steps in making the filling, cakes, and the buttercream icing.  We also demonstrate the "naked frosting" technique, and lastly, accent the cake using candied citrus, rosemary, and cranberries.  The addition of powdered sugar as snow really pulls the winter theme together.

Recipes: Winter White Cake • Cranberry Filling • Vanilla Buttercream Frosting • Candied Cranberries, Citrus, and Rosemary