Cute is for Puppies and Clothes, not my Food

It’s episode 33 and this week is jam-packed with topics! We’re talking about The Cooking Gene, validating Southern cuisine, our big food weekend, The Alt-Bite’s Mixtape Dinner, grocery stores as self-care, insect balls, mermaid food (again), and much more. And peep our new music!



Hyper-Colored Glitterrific Nonsense on My Food

This week, we’re loving Small Victories by Julia Turshen, hating unicorn/mermaid everything, and eating miso blondies. Then we discuss the Trump administration’s changes to school lunch guidelines, sweet mushrooms, coffee flour, and chicken chips.

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Local Flavor:



So Then I'm Screwed

It’s episode 29 of the Slice & Torte Uncut Podcast! We start with a new segment — Local Flavor. It’s all about what’s going on in Norfolk and Durham. Then we run down our instacrushes, followed by what we loved, hated, and ate. Hot topics this time include the wild flavors of Danielle’s fabulous Gender Reveal Cake, Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino, Food at Coachella, and Clear Coffee. Get into it!

Local flavor:



Oh Look! A Convenient Orange!

We are here once more and again with the tomfoolery that y’all love…or love to hate. You won’t want to miss Danielle’s story about a very strange food movie, or Sherród’s hot topic about eating oranges in the shower. Plus we go in on bone broth and grilled cheese everything.




This is an episode for the ages. We’re sitting down with Jarrell Williams of Nomarama! Peep the duration, we’ve got a ton to talk about. We start with our instacrushes, then we’re serving up what we loved, hated, and ate — and Jarrell gets in on the action with his stories and picks. Then we’re talking about how Nomarama came to be, what it stands for, and the fabulous events it puts on. The arbiter of burgers dishes on what makes a great burger and the best places to get one in Hampton Roads. Lastly, we have a few interesting hot topics — you won’t want to miss all three of us going in.




Tasted Like Dish Soap From a Fish

This week we’ve got a full roster of things that we loved, hated and ate. We start with our instacrushes and then immediately go right into the restaurants, dishes, pictures, and foolishness that we love to talk about. We also run down Patti Labelle’s new cookbook, Popeye’s acquisition, ube ice cream, and a whole lot more.



A Meal You Made When You Were High

Look at us publishing on schedule again — it’s episode 25! Our instacrushes this week are so fabulous you won’t want to miss them. We’re introducing a little more structure by making Love It | Hate It | Ate It a thing this week. Danielle is loving a healthy buffalo chicken casserole, Sherród hates the dried broccoli he got from Walmart, and Danielle details a very interesting lunch. Then we’re running down the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, talking about our brand new Valentine’s Day Guide, and our superbowl food favorites.



It's Pink in the Middle

Let's get 2017 started right — with new intro music, a new logo, and a new podcast!

We start by talking about our completely over-the-top Christmas, and our food resolutions for 2017. Then we introduce a new segment — shoutouts! We run down our experience at Nomorama's Slider Showdown, who we think will win Top Chef, and of course we have to round it out with some rants. Danielle is not here for non-lasagna lasagnas and Sherród doesn't understand people who cook spiralized vegetables.

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Finally, episode 23 of the Slice & Torte Uncut Podcast is here! We're running down everything we've been doing the past couple of months, starting with Sherród's wedding reception. We then dish on our new favorite — and not so favorite — restaurants. Y'all know we have to spill all the tea about Thanksgiving, and then we're talking about food sins. And you won't want to miss Danielle's attempt at two lies and a truth and Sherród reading white people over not seasoning their greens.

I Had a Sip of One in 1988

We may not come when you want it, but we'll be there right on time. It's episode 22 of the Slice & Torte Uncut Podcast! This week we start by talking about some savory doughnut combinations people are making (and eating?). Then we're running down the bleeding veggie burger, Sherród rants about La Croix water, Danielle recounts her adventures on Tangier Island (where she had the best crab cake of her life), ordering non-breakfast food at IHOP, and our bizarre ramen noodle habits.

We Back...By Popular Demand

Slice & Torte Uncut Podcast is officially on deck for 2016, and we have some big news. We're talking about seeing Ina Garten, attempting to eat like an adult, failing at exercise, and getting folks together at restaurants. Danielle is not playing with bad service, and Sherród believes in your ability to cook with charcoal. And peep our new theme music!

Over Pumpkin Spice Everything

We’ve got a longer episode this time because there’s lots to talk about: the announcement of Slice & Torte Catering, our publication debut in Southern Grit Magazine, Danielle’s insanely great floating ramen cake, fall recipe testing, how disgusting pumpkin spice is, and lots more.

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