Day 4 — Savannah to Durham

9:00A. We're checked out of The Marhsall House and on the road. We'll miss Savannah, but our beds (and kitchens) are calling. We must remember to keep our eyes out for roadside attractions.

11:03A. On a mission not to hit any franchises on the way back, we stop at Clark's Inn and Restaurant in Santee, South Carolina. It's a classic small-town restaurant serving southern food. And also a huge mistake. The food was awful, the décor was hideous, the patrons were...odd. If you see the signs, skip them.

12:38P. Danielle wanted to get peaches, so we found this out-of-the-way vendor, Abbot Farm Peaches, in Florence, South Carolina. Not only did they have pecks and pecks of peaches, but they sold fireworks, pickles, preserves, and ciders. We loaded up on peaches and a few other goodies.


1:15P. We're never going to make it home if we keep this up. We found a huge farmer's market, in fact the state market, in Pee Dee, South Carolina. There weren't a ton of stalls, or variety, but everything looked and smelled great. Sherród got some crowder peas and we admired all of the fresh produce and goods. Homeward bound!


5:45P. Departing from Sherród's house in Durham, Danielle crossed the North Carolina/Virginia state line. Almost home!


Day 3 — Savannah

12:00P. We decided to sleep in today! Especially after that martini tour last night. 😉We're starting the day with the First Squares Food Tour. Our first stop is Rocks on the River in the Bohemian Hotel for She-crab Bisque. It was very creamy and rich, though not the best way to start a tour full of food.

12:41P. Second stop: Tondee's Taven for a Southern classic, Shrimp and Grits. The bacon sprinkled on top was a great addition, and the white wine reduction was a nice bright foil to the bacon and shrimp. We finished with a bite of cheesecake. Apparently, the have the largest variety of cheesecake flavors in the city.

1:44P. Today we both tried alligator for the first time!  We had alligator sliders with a spicy slaw at B&D Burgers. B&D does something unusual and grids the alligator to make a patty like a crab cake. Call it a Gator cake?

2:53P. Our last stop is the amazing Savannah Bee Company. They produce and bottle several types of honey, including the ultra rare Tupelo Honey, They are famous for the purity of their raw monofloral (single flower) honeys. We tasted their entire line of honeys and you could really taste the differences of each. And we were ready to spread the whipped honey on everything. We also got to taste honey straight off the comb...which left us with wax in our teeth two hours later. Between the two of us, we spent almost $200 in goods at this store. This is a must visit for foodies!

1:15P. Next up, Shepherd's Pie from Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub. It was so good that we didn't even mind having this comfort food in the heat of summer. This is one of the few classic Scottish pubs left in Savannah, which has a large historical Scottish population.

2:07P. Time for dessert: Mabel's Cupcake Emporium for a classic birthday cake cupcake.  The cupcake uses a family recipe that been passed down the generations and it definitely is great for those with a sweet tooth. We found it a bit too sweet for our tastes, but they had a wide variety of cupcakes and confections to choose from.

2:20P. The next stop is a specialty store, The Salt Table. They craft an enormous variety of flavored salts, flavored sugars, and spice blends. We tasted their all-purpose salt and ghost pepper salt (it was wickedly hot), then rubbed an apple on a slab of Himalayan pink salt. We both spent a small fortune in this store, there were so many great products to discover and try!

6:00P. After the tour, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit, then it was time to get back out and explore Savannah.

6:48P. We found our way to Leopold's Ice Cream.  This parlor has been open since 1919 and the line was out the door!  But the wait was well worth it, especially on this hot day.

9:00P. Time for the final, and fanciest dinner of Eat & Run: 700 Drayton. Located in a converted mansion, it's an eclectic modern restaurant that serves southern comfort food. I guess our reservation is late for a Sunday — we have the whole place to ourselves! We ordered a ton of food:


9:53P. The realization that we have ordered entirely too much food is setting in as we uncomfortable shift in our chairs...we are too full! We're taking it all to go for a delicious midnight snack. Once we get back to the hotel, we take a quick selfie, peel ourselves out of our clothes, snack on our enormous leftovers while watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, then go to bed.

Day 2 — Charleston to Savannah

9:12A. Getting a late start, but had to stop at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit for breakfast!

CALLIE'S HOT LITTLE BISCUIT — 476 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Danielle got the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit

Danielle got the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit

9:51A. We began the Farmers' Market Culinary Tour. There was such an expansive variety of fresh produce, it was overwhelming!  We were joined by Chefs Jordan Moore and Mark Hayward-Washington. Everyone in the group got to pick an item from the market and the two chefs had about a hour to make a meal using all the ingredients, like on Chopped.

11:05A. We arrived at Burwell's Stonefire Grill for the brunch. Chef Jordan prepared the savory courses.

11:15A. We begin with an aperitif — a beet and ginger lemonade.

12:04P. Second course is sautéed white shrimp with a succotash of smoked ground onions, scallions, lemon, zucchini, okra, corn, squash, and bacon. The shrimp were enormous!

12:51P. Two pre-dessert palate cleansers: Charleston caviar (homemade pimento cheese) and sliced olive on toast point, and a soft black truffle cheese with sliced plum on a toast point and drizzled with honey.

11:36A. The first course is a chilled gazpacho made with heirloom tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers, red peppers, sherry vinegar, smoked olive oil, lemon oil, fresh mozzarella, and fennel powder.

12:30P. Third course: Lamb chops that were brined for twelve hours then sous vide and grilled. Served on top of a vegetable medley of fried sweet potatoes, fried Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, eggplant, lemon zest, chicken stock, and a dash of Frank's Red Hot Sauce. The lamb had the most succulent texture and was cooked flawlessly, thanks to the sous vide process.


1:02P. Finally, dessert, made by Chef Jordan . A sponge cake made with meringue and topped with whipped vanilla cream, blueberries, strawberries, and an apricot glaze.  Served over a cream cheese crème anglaise with sliced watermelon and peaches soaked in lemon verbena simple syrup.

2:24P. With souvenirs and a fantastic last meal behind us we hit the road, heading for Savannah. Eat & Run continues!

3:09P. Side of the road pit stop in Ravenel, SC to get some boiled green peanuts. The proprietor had some interesting white pattypan squash and lots of tomatoes.

3:50P. Pit stop at Carolina Cider Company in Yemassee, SC for fruit ciders. Danielle got Muscadine and Bing Cherry Ciders, and Sherród got Peach. All were delicious and not overly sweet. We also got a few snacks for the road, and set off again for Savannah.

4:57P. We made it to Savannah and we are ready to EAT! But first we need to check in to our hotel, The Marshall House.

7:00P. Our inaugural tour is the Savannah Shaken Martini Tour. First stop, a Blackberry Lemon Drop Martini at Jen's and Friends Bar.

7:52P. Stopped at Belford's Seafood and Steaks for a Savvy, a vodka martini made with peach nectar. Tastes like summer in a glass.

7:25P. Next up, a refreshing St. Germain martini at Rogue Water Tap House. This place definitely has the speakeasy feel of the Prohibition era. The cocktail would make a great party drink — a little sweet, a little sour, with a nice kick.

8:21P. Last stop on the Savannah Shaken Tour: The Andaz Hotel for a classic martini. Just gin, vermouth, bitters, and lemon. 

10:06P. Dinner at Vic's on the River. It's a hopping spot right on the water, and it seemed full of locals and tourists. We started with flavorful Crawfish Beignets (they were really hand pies though) and a wonderful Beef Carpaccio.

Crawfish Beignets

Beef Carpaccio

10:35P. For entrées, Sherród got a Bacon Cheeseburger, and Danielle got Scallops with Citrus Risotto. Both were hearty and filling, but ultimately not as good as the starters. After a long day, we hit the sack, ready for a full day in Savannah.

Scallops with citrus risotto

Bacon Cheeseburger

Day 1 — Durham to Charleston


8:30A. Eat & Run Tour is underway! We're headed to Charleston but we're also keeping an eye out for roadside attractions. 

1:30P. We have been sitting in traffic FOREVER! But we finally see signs for Charleston.

3:42P  We've just arrived at Leaf, fourth stop on our Downtown Culinary Tour. We took a very scenic walk through the city...Charleston is beautiful but hot as Hades.

Three courses to eat here!

Three courses to eat here!

One of the many learning kitchens in Charleston

One of the many learning kitchens in Charleston


Charleston Marketplace...planning on doing some damage here later ☺️ 

Charleston Marketplace...planning on doing some damage here later ☺️ 

5:40P. And now we begin the Mixology Tour! We're starting with a super refreshing Piña Colada (apparently it's National Piña Colada day) at Prohibition; no creme de coconut here. The next drink is a Watermelon Moscow Mule at Cocktail Club. It has a real kick because they make their own ginger beer. The final drink is a complex one, called "Bitter is the New Sweet," at Republic. Check out the gallery below for the steps to create this interesting and satisfying cocktail.

Piña Colada

Watermelon Moscow Mule

Watermelon Moscow Mule

Bitter is the new sweet

Bitter is the new sweet


10:20A. Ok so we've already had to break one rule. We're in Lumberton, NC, and there is nooothing but chains here. 😩

2:54P.  We FINALLY made it to the Downtown Food Tour! We missed the first 2 stops but we're at Carmella's Café and Dessert Bar for a quick panini. It's a play on the Philly Cheesesteak, but as a Tomato Pie, a Charleston specialty.

4:25P. The last stop on our tour is Café Framboise, a fabulous French bakery. The husband and wife duo craft the most incredible, authentic French desserts. Danielle got the Tropezian cake (very popular in St. Tropez), a brioche cake with Bavarian Cream, and Sherród got the Coffee Éclair, filled with coffee pastry cream. We all got adorable raspberry-pistachio macarons.

Coffee éclair

Raspberry-pistachio macaron

Raspberry-Pistachio Macaron and St. Tropez Cake

9:45P. Dinner at Husk. We booked a reservation at one of the hottest restaurants in Charleston, Husk. They are a highly local, modern restaurant with exceptionally high-quality ingredients. As if all that's not enough, the menu changes almost nightly. We were blown away by the attention to detail of the individual ingredients. Each dish highlighted the best features of one particular thing, and we really appreciated that; we could taste the quality in everything.

76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

16 Month Aged Country Ham from Somerset, KY, Grilled Ciabatta, Summer Melons

Fire Roasted Sewansecott Oysters, Fried Chicken Fat, Hot Sauce, Honey, Smoked Shishito Peppers

Kentuckyaki — Glazed Pig Ear Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Marinated Cucumber, Red Onion, Sea Island Benne