Danielle Jones

    Baking has always been a part of my life in some form or another.  For the majority of my life, baking was a spectator sport and I was simply there to watch, taste, and eat.  The closest I’d ever come to baking or any confectionery work, would be the summers I spent working at a candy store in Colonial Williamsburg, where I made assorted chocolate and caramel pieces.  

    While trying to find post-graduate employment, I decided to get my hands dirty.  I started with cupcakes, the gateway drug of the confectionery world, and progressed to buttercream cakes and pies.  It was instantly a natural fit and the creative outlet I’d been searching for.  Soon, I entered the world of fondant and gumpaste and there was no turning back.  I knew that baking and decorating were something I was meant to be doing.  Today, I live in Norfolk, Virginia and bake out of my galley (a.k.a. shoe box) kitchen.  I use my grandmother’s old Kitchen Aid mixer; this machine has been in my family for over 50 years and has never failed us.  


Danielle's Favorite Recipes:


Sherród L. Faulks

    I’ve been cooking since age thirteen. Although I started by throwing dinner parties with undercooked meat and made-up appetizers, I have evolved into a thoughtful, passionate and capable cook. At age sixteen, I worked for a catering company in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and personally cooked for Reba McEntire, Luther Vandross and Destiny’s Child. In my sophomore year at The College of William & Mary, I told the University Center Cafeteria they were doing a terrible job…and was hired to help improve the food. I also attended Parsons School for Design, where I was exposed to the unique restaurant and food world of New York City.

    I lived in NYC for eight years, constantly trying new cuisines, learning new techniques, experiencing new restaurants, and meeting interesting chefs, cooks and bloggers. During this time, I also started applying my photography, visual design and programming skills to my craft and created Sunday Supper Club, my personal food blog. Today, I live in in Durham, North Carolina. Now that I have a kitchen bigger than a shoe box, I am able to throw lavish dinner parties and feed my dishware addiction.

Sherród's Favorite Recipes: